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a doctor holding a medicineThose who have never come across this before, you might be taken aback by the idea about customizing your medicine. Rest assured, here at Geesons Pharmacy; with our experienced professional pharmaceutical team, you have nothing to worry about. Here we will give you a brief overview of what compounding really is and why some people needs this.

Compounding is customizing a drug similar to the prescribed drug. By taking out or adding in some components to the medicine prescribed for you, you are sure that the drug will give you lesser side effects and also makes it easier for the patient to put the medicine down the throat. With compounding, we may be able to make your capsule pills into chewable or syrup or even make it into troches or lollipops! Patients who are unable to orally receive the drug may even have compounded suppositories; their drugs may be given through rectal, vaginal or urethral means.

The following are specialty compounding that you may avail from us:

  • Sports Medications and Therapy
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Combination of Multiple Medications
  • Specialized Topical Wound Care
  • Dentistry
  • Discontinued Medications
  • Podiatry Compounding
  • Dermatology
  • Chronic Pain Management

Free size or one size fits all just does not prove true in the field of medicine. A person has a different medical need from the other and that can’t simply be ignored. We make sure that your drug is best fitted specially for you. Geesons Pharmacy will compound your prescription medicine so that you can have a better experience in recovering from your ailments. For sure, you will never miss a dosage of your medicine ever again with our compounded medicine.

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